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Hi there!

Have you ever wondered where your clothing comes from? Who made it? Or what route it has travelled? If so, you are as curious as we are. You have probably found out by now that it is not particularly easy finding answers to these simple questions. The question therefore arises: “Why does it need to be this difficult to find these answers?” Especially since our everyday choices have such a great impact on everything and everyone around us. But how can you make a well-balanced decision, when the information needed simply isn’t available in the first place?

The answer to the afore-mentioned problem is: Transparency! We are Joe Pie and we are going to make the fashion industry transparent. We do not believe in quality marks, hundreds of assumptions and expensive audits. What we believe in, is technology.

We at Joe Pie are developing an interactive web-tool, based on blockchain technology, which will display all the relevant information in a simple and comprehensible way. ‘Track and trace’ purses, sweaters, t-shirts, literally anything you can think of from the cotton plant to your favourite store; full transparency! From A to Z, full-stop.

Transparency will result in enhanced consumer trust, radical cost reduction and immeasurably fewer social- and environmental scandals (win-win-win).

A combination of environmental impact, economic sense and the latest technologies. Why not be interested?

Transparency Survey

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